About us

Over 25 Years Experience of Geothermal Energy Utilization in Slovakia

Results of geological research and exploration works on resources and reservoirs of geothermal energy categorize the area of Slovak Republic between the better-than-average regions. This emphasized the need of founding a specialized company in our country, which would completely deal with geothermal energy utilization.

Joint Stock Company SLOVGEOTERM a.s. (SGT) was found in October 1992. Share-holders are SPP Infrastructure, a.s., EIM ehf (Iceland) a Ing. Oto Halás.

Subject of enterprise of Slovgeoterm is to provide utilization of geothermal energy in regions of Slovakia at the world class. In particular it represents elaboration of technical-economical study (feasibility study), which determines quality and quantity parameters of a geothermal water, energy potential of a geothermal resource, possibilities of its usage in given locality and economical efficiency of a project. Subsequently, Slovgeoterm prepares project documentation (layouts) of a geothermal system and provides complete realization of a project (EPC).

The company further provides maintenance of technological devices and reservoir measurements of geothermal resource. Slovgeoterm is focused both on localities with existing wells and confirmed parameters of geothermal waters and on localities without existing wells.

Eastern Slovakia (Kosice basin), southwest Slovakia (Galanta, Podhajska) and region of High Tatras and Liptov (Poprad, Vrbov, Oravice) belong among most potential localities with presence of geothermal water. Implementation of geothermal projects constitutes for Slovakia gaining of new own economically efficient and ecologically clean renewable energy sources.