Your success is our motivation

Within more than 20 years of existence, Slovgeoterm implemented or at least participated on most of projects focused on geothermal energy utilization in Slovakia. The company is mostly oriented on energy projects, where geothermal heat is used for purposes of heating, power generation or other energy purposes.

Recently, increased interest in aqua-parks and thermal spas causes rise of projects focused on recreational purposes. Among most important and remarkable Slovgeoterm´s actions must be mentioned: implementation of geothermal project in Podhajska, Galanta, Sala, Sered and mainly preparation and so far partial implementation of Kosice geothermal project, which is according to its extent one of the largest geothermal projects in Europe.

Further on, Slovgeoterm participated on following projects: Aquacity Poprad, Thermal Spa in Velky Meder, Galanta, Vrbov and others. More projects aimed mainly to geothermal energy utilization for the purpose of space heating in towns and villages are currently in progress.