Others projects

Realization of well VSC-1 Velky Slavkov

In the year 2006 realization of geothermal well VSC-1 Velky Slavkov was carried out. Slovgeoterm prepared geological documentation for realization, determined final depth of the well, performed analysis of the drilling fragments, elaborated project of hydrodynamic test and provided professional supervision of drilling and testing works. In the next step company proposed submersible pump and other devices for geothermal water exploitation. Subsequently, company provided assembly works of the pump. Following pumping test was controlled and supervised by Slovgeoterm. Final purpose of geothermal water utilization was not determined yet.

Reconstruction of well PP-1 in Poprad

In the year 2005 company Slovgeoterm proposed, prepared documentation and supervised reconstruction of geothermal well PP-1 in Poprad, which has been used for the needs of Aquacity Poprad. Upper section of steel casing in the lenght of 200 m was after years of operation corroded and doubts about its state appeared. Therefore, after consideration of more options, it was decided to insert new casing. Fiber glass casing tubes with tailored stainless steel joints were used. Reconstruction was successful and the well is further reliably used for exploitation of geothermal water, which can be experienced by visiting of Aquacity.

Realization of hydrodynamic test on well HGL-3 Lucky

In the year 2004 Slovgeoterm realized hydrodynamic test on well HGL-3 Lucky, which was drilled in 1997 and subsequently was conserved. Samples of water were taken and chemical and microbiological analyses were done. The test was done in order to proclaim the well to be curative natural resource which will be used for the thermal spa in Lucky. Implementation documentation of a pumping station and supply pipeline leading to the spa is currently in progress.

Realization of production test on well C-1 in Velky Meder
In 2004 company Slovgeoterm proposed, prepared and realized in cooperation with the thermal spa production test of well C-1 in Velky Meder. The purpose of the test was to verify production capacity (flow rate) of the well, which is in the long term utilized for the needs of the adjacent thermal spa. Measured data were processed and final report with evaluation of the test results was elaborated. Nowadays, well C-1 is further reliably used for geothermal heat supply for space heating and hot tap water preparetion in the spa.