Geothermal Project in Galanta

In 1996, Slovgeoterm in collaboration with Icelandic experts from company Fjarhitun implemented and started up to operation geothermal station in the town of Galanta. The station, operated by Galantaterm, withdraws geothermal water from two wells and supplies heat to approximately 1 300 apartments and adjacent large hospital building. It is the only project in Slovakia, where geothermal heat is being delivered to inhabitants in a town (geothermal district heating system). Geothermal water with temperature of 77°C is pumped off two geothermal wells 2 100 m deep. Water flowrate is 15,7 l/s and 18,0 l/s, altogether it is 33,7 l/s. Heat output of geothermal water is approximately 7 MWt which suffices to cover heat demand of the system up to outdoor temperature 0°C.
In case of lower outdoor temperatures, gas boilers are started automatically. Four gas boilers with pressure burners with total heat output of 10,6 MWt are installed and used as an peak and backup heat source. Maximal heat demand of the system is 14,7 MWt. Annual heat production ranges around 90 000 GJ 90% of which is produced by geothermal energy. Whole energy system is controlled via central computer (SCADA) and is divided into four loops:

• Heating loop 90/70°C - Radiator heating system in the hospital
• Heating loop 77/52°C - Radiator heating in apartment houses
• Heating loop 52/42°C - Radiation ceiling heating in the hospital
• Loop for hot tap water preparation 55°C - combined system for apartment houses

The geothermal system uses cascade connection of the heat exchangers and geothermal water delivers heat step by step into the heating loops with different temperature gradients. Therefore geothermal water leaves the system cooled down to low temperatures.

Such connection ensures high rate of geothermal energy utilization and efficient operation of geothermal reservoir and its long lifespan. Used geothermal water is discharged into Vah river.

Geothermal project in Galanta constitutes very important realization in the field of renewable energy utilization in the conditions of Slovakia. The main goals are highly ecological production of heat and very advantageous price of heat. No significant complications and problems were encountered during the ten-year operation period and the geothermal station supplies heat to all customers very reliably.

Thermal spa was built and commissioned in 2007 in Galanta. The main heat source of the spa is the used geothermal water drained out from the station. Heat pumps are installed to ensure utilization of low temperature water. Thermal spa leads to increased rate of geothermal energy utilization in the town and to substantial development of travel activities in the region.