Geothermal Project in Kosice

Existence of important geothermal water reservoir in Kosice basin in Eastern Slovakia was found out quite long ago during exploration works on hydrocarbon deposits. Predicted parameters of geothermal water was confirmed by three exploration wells drilled in years 1998-99 in the area of village Svinica. Seismic measurements (2D and 3D seismic) and hydrodynamic tests were carried out during years 2000 - 2001. Based on complex geological-tectonic knowledge obtained during this period it can be stated, that Kosice basin represents one of the most productive and important geothermal fields in European continent.

otal heat potential of Kosice basin is 1 200 MWt while practically can be utilized 300 MWt. Geothermal reservoir lies approximately 12 km east of Kosice. Parameters of geothermal water are following: 

• Water temperature on wellhead 130°C
• Water flow rate 65 l/s
• TDS 30 g/l
• Energy potential of one well ~20 MWt 

Project of geothermal heat utilization for the purpose of space heating in Kosice counts with building of three geothermal stations in villages of Bidovce, Durkov and Olsovany with overall 5 doublets (doublet = production + reinjecton well). Heat exchanger stations will be placed in the geothermal stations beside the wells.

Geothermal water will deliver its heat to secondary heating water through heat exchangers and consequently will be reinjected back to the ground. Heating water will circulate through 16 km long pipeline leading to Kosice, where it will be used for space heating. Total heat output of the first stage of the project is 100 MWt.

In Kosice, second largest town in Slovakia with population of 260 000, an extensive district heating system which belongs among largest in Central Europe is built. Central heat plant for the system is created by combined heat plant - TEKO. The system delivers heat into approximately 60 000 apartments, annual heat consumption constitutes 4 400 TJ. Heating water warmed up by geothermal energy will be led into TEKO and subsequently supplied via a distribution network in the town. Estimated annual geothermal heat supply is 2 100 GJ which constitutes 48% of total heat production in TEKO.

Geothermal energy utilization for space heating in Kosice will bring several assets. Very important will be ecological asset in form of significant decrease of emissions of combustion processes (NOx, SO2, CO, CO2, ashes), because TEKO currently burns both gas and coal. Geothermal energy is highly ecological energy resource, geothermal water will be immediately after using reinjected. It is closed system without any impact to environment.

Next asset is decrease of dependence on import of primary energy resources (gas and coal) burning of which will be partially replaced by renewable energy resource. Not at last, geothermal energy utilization will lead to lower price of heat for inhabitants of the town.

Currently, land for geothermal stations is purchased, project documentation (layouts) is finished and all required building permits and statements of responsible authorities are issued. Thus, the project is prepared for the implementation and final decision of the investor is expected.