Geothermal Project in Podhajska

Village Podhajska is situated approximately 90 km east of Bratislava in northeast part of Danube basin. From geological point of view, the region is called Levice block and constitutes one of the most prospective hydro-geothermal structures in Slovakia. Well Po-1 drilled in 1973 caught remarkable reservoir of geothermal water of Na-Cl type with TDS 19 g/l.

Since 1973, geothermal water was utilized for heating of greenhouses and for needs of thermal spa. Maximal flowrate of the water is 45 l/s, but in average it is exploited approximately 20 l/s. Temperature of geothermal water is 82°C and utilizable heat potential is 12,6 MWt. Used geothermal water was drained into creek, which had negative impact on environment.

Furthermore pressure of geothermal water in the well had decreasing tendency. To avoid such negative impacts, reinjection well GRP-1 was drilled in 1986 2 km northeast of well Po-1. Long term reinjection test was carried out with positive results. Since 1996, whole amount of exploited geothermal water is after cooling down to 45°C being reinjected via well GPR-1 into the ground. So far, it is the only implemented project in Slovakia, where the exploited geothermal water is reinjected back to the Earth's crust.